Your Favorite Time in Your Home?


What is your favorite time in your home? Is it a certain time of the day or evening? If you have children, is it when they are there or when they are gone? Perhaps it’s a time when the kids have gone to school, the house has finally been put back in order, and you have some time to yourself in the quiet of your home? Or is it when the kids are home with their friends, running through the rooms, playing Wii in the basement or kicking the soccer ball outside? If you don’t have children or they have “left the nest,” is it when you are entertaining – the house is sparkling, in its most beautiful state, and you can show off your beloved abode to a degree? Or do you especially enjoy some quiet moments to yourself, like sitting on your front porch swing reading a book?

Do you prefer your home when it is quiet and in order? Or do you like it better when it looks lived in and shows the messes of the people and animals who live there? Does the answer to this question change depending on the time of the year? Maybe you love when people are around, and the house is crazy during the holidays. But a hot summer night enjoying the screened-in-porch by yourself is another favorite time.

There are certainly quite a few scenarios to consider. For me and my home in Weston, MA, I love the energy and chaos of my children and pets, but the older I get, there is something peaceful that happens when my house has a certain order to it. I find that I get overwhelmed when every room is filled with books, papers, pens, toys, stuffed animals, clothes, etc. My stress level goes down a bit when I can put my house back in order – it’s like I can clearly think again. This feeling is equalled when I am hosting and entertaining my closest friends, and their children are here with my children. I love having many of the people I love under my roof having fun and enjoying one another. The times when chaos, loudness and laughter reign supreme….

What are your thoughts? What are some of your most favorite times in your home, and why do you treasure them? I can’t wait to hear….

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