Fashion Fashionistas: The 76th Golden Globe Awards


Last night - the airing of the 76th Golden Globe Awards - was big for tv, film and fashion fans like me. The award ceremony was broadcast on NBC from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA and was hosted by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Taking place just after the New Year, The Golden Globes always serve as the kick off to the award ceremony season and so fashion fever is in overdrive to say the least. The awards, festivities and especially the Red Carpet were all fabulous!

But for our purposes, let’s focus on the fashion of the evening. This year once again, I’ve decided to highlight my Fashion Favorites and not dabble into the “Could Have Been Better.” No need for that…. But before I get started on my choices, I wanted to share the thoughts and perspectives of Zanna Roberts Rassi, E! News Style Correspondent. On this morning’s Today Show, Roberts Rassi said she had two favorites. The first was Emily Blunt in an Alexander McQueen gown. Roberts Rassi said the dress had “the most elegant embroidery…. You can’t see the detail in here, but it has horses and moons and stars; it’s so exquisite…. That belongs in a museum.” She continued by saying that the other person “who completely shut it down for me” was none other than Lady Gaga in Valentino Couture. She described Gaga as a “Fashion maverick. And she always brings it 1,000%…. I love the nod to Judy Garland in the original A Star is Born; it was actually a similar dress…. She just goes for a look head to toe.”

I couldn’t agree more on both counts. But before we get to that, it’s only right for me to add my disclaimer that I am no fashionista* but just a regular Realtor, mom, daughter, sister, etc. without any training in fashion or award show styling. I just like what I like. So with all that said, here are my five favorites of the evening (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Emily Blunt in Alexander McGueen – I loved the intricacy of the lace design and the chic look. I also loved that hers was 3/4 length and so different than many of the others but still quite sophisticated. And her stunning look was completed by her handsome husband (and fellow Brown University alum 👨‍🎓), John Krasinski, on her arm.

  • Patricia Clarkson in a Georges Chakra haute couture gown. After having just binge watched Sharp Objects two days ago, I have such admiration for this grande dame. She is elegance personified, and it was in clear view last night. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “After her win, she smiled in the gown, saying, ‘This is what 59 looks like.’” Impressive! And Congrats to her on her win for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series!

  • Lady Gaga in Valentino Couture. To me, Gaga had - by far - the most dramatic, show-stopping fashion look of the evening. In my humble opinion, no one was even close to comparing. And oh my gosh - the Tiffany Aurora diamond necklace to boot! That being said, I wasn’t a huge fan of the periwinkle blue hair dye to match the dress, but oh well…. And Congrats also to her on her win for Best Song, Shallow!

  • Thandie Newton in a Michael Cors collection gown. This was a Hot Wow given her metallic, shiny dress featuring form-fitting and skin-revealing cutouts. It was perfectly sexy and smoldering and yet understated all at the same time.

  • Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein by Appointment. My favorite part about her gorgeous blue gown was the way it moved and sparkled. One part fun, another part playful and a third part sensational. Bravo!

We can’t end our fashionista review without a shout out to the men of the evening because they looked dynamite too! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Billy Porter’s colorful “lavishly hand-beaded and embroidered jacket with an attached, fuschia-lined cape layered over a form-fitting beaded and embroidered tulle shirt with a silk collar” as detailed by the Hollywood Reporter. Wow - I love the entrance he made! As you can probably tell, though, I tend to like a slightly more traditional look so some of my faves included Michael B. Jordan in Burberry, Viggo Mortenson in Dior Men and Sterling K. Brown in Brunello Cucinelli. And while I wasn’t a huge fan of the white head-to-toe tux that Bradley Cooper donned, he is a style icon no matter what he chooses to wear (no bias there 😉).

What an amazing night with incredibly elegant, fun and dramatic fashion choices! What did you think? What were your fashion favorites? Were they similar to mine? I can’t wait to hear….

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* My other caveat is that unfortunately I wasn’t at the Golden Globes, and so I didn’t get a chance to see all of the participants and their fashion choices – only those that were on TV or online – nor did I see them in person with my own eyes.