Back to School 2019 - 2020


Depending on your age or where you are in life, the “Back to School” time of year seems to be either filled with dread or excitement. For some (elementary through high school kids), back to school is often dreaded because it means the end of the relaxing, carefree summer days when they can sleep in and spend the day playing games, being with friends, going on vacation and just plain relaxing. For others (college kids), it’s the excitement and thrill of seeing friends again, living independently and starting a new adventure. And for the rest (parents of kids), it’s a mix of happiness about being back into a routine with less childcare demands and sadness about missing the kids who are now gone for the majority of the day. But no matter what, it happens. Back to school comes upon us toward the end of August or in early September. The big question is whether school starts before or after Labor Day….

And on that note, here are the dates of the first days of public school for several towns in Weston, Wellesley, Wayland and beyond:

Boston - Thursday, September 5

Brookline - Thursday, September 5 (grades 1-9) and Friday, September 6 (grades 10-12)

Concord/Carlisle - Thursday, August 29 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Dover/Sherborn - Wednesday, August 28 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Framingham - Wednesday, August 28 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Lincoln/Sudbury - Tuesday, August 27 (grade 9) and Wednesday, August 28 (all other grades) 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Natick - Wednesday, August 28 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Needham - Tuesday, September 3

Newton - Tuesday, September 3

Wayland - Wednesday, August 28 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Wellesley - Wednesday, August 28 📚🍎 already back to school 📚🍎

Weston - Tuesday, September 3

Of the 12 school districts above, 7 (or just over half) are already back to school, and 5 will return to school after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Happy Back to School and First Day to all of the kids and parents out there!

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