New Restaurant Fun in the 'Burbs


I’m thrilled to announce that we have two new, exciting restaurant options in the ‘burbs - Door No. 7 in Wellesley and The Federal in Waltham. And I was lucky enough to be a patron of both this week…. First, my Compass colleagues and I met at Door No. 7 on Thursday evening to kick off the New Year! This is “the seventh restaurant for John and Laura Wolfe, the husband and wife team behind the well known restaurant The Cottage, in Wellesley,” according to the website. “The new restaurant will have constantly changing, chef-inspired raw bar, small plates, and entrees as well as craft cocktails and martinis.” We experienced this first-hand with fresh oysters, lobster toast appetizers and asian noodle salads. I also stayed for dinner with a client and friend, and we dined on the Crab Salad, House Ricotta Gnocchi and No. 7 Burger. Everything was delicious. The atmosphere was sophisticated and visually appealing, and the place was full of fabulous energy with people rolling in all night. Based on the crowd we saw, it seems that Door No. 7 is the hottest spot in town right now.


Second, my sweetie Bob and I went to The Federal in Waltham this weekend to celebrate his birthday. Termed “a modern steakhouse” on its website, we nabbed two seats at the long, dark-wooded bar filled with every kind of bottle you can imagine. The menu includes a full background on Executive Chef Diego, who is originally from Brazil and studied culinary arts at Newbury College, working his way through school at Baker’s Best. He went on to be part of the opening team for Lydia Shire and Jasper White’s Towne Stove & Spirits as well as the Executive Sous Chef for Bancroft & Co. His experience is “legit” as they say because the food was incredibly yummy! We split the New York Strip (16 oz.) with a Horseradish Crema sauce as well as the Creamed Spinach with Double Smoked Bacon and Kennebec Fries with Truffle Oil and Parmesan. There was a great vibe at The Federal, and the patrons around us seemed to be enjoying their dinner choices as much as we did.

I definitely want to go back to both restaurants to get to know them better. What about you? Have you had a chance to try Door No. 7 in Wellesley and/or The Federal in Waltham? If so, did you enjoy your dining experience? Would you go back again? I can’t wait to hear….

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2019 Tax Rate Fun in the 'Burbs

As we turn the page and enter 2019, it’s a time of new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships, and when we get down to the nitty gritty, new property assessments and new tax rates too. On the latter note, the chart to the right provides a recap of the 2019 - and 2018 - tax rates in 22 towns/cities in Weston, Wellesley, Wayland and the surrounding area.

The 2019 average residential tax rate in these towns and cities is $14.04 per thousand, which is down $0.06 from 2018. If you click here, you’ll see details on the tax rates from 2019 - 2015, and you’ll see that this year’s average tax rate of $14.04 per thousand is the lowest it’s been since 2015. (In fact, it’s the lowest it’s been since I started compiling the tax rate information in 2013.)

Of the 22 towns and cities, Sherborn, at $19.62 per thousand, has the highest tax rate, which has been the case since 2013. And Brookline, at $9.37 per thousand, has the lowest tax rate, which has been the case since 2014. (Needham had the lowest tax rate in 2013.) The biggest increase this year was in Medfield which was up $0.84, and the biggest decrease was in Framingham which was down $0.94.

So what does this all mean for you? Well honestly, not that much…. If you are buying a home, the tax rate is not usually a determining factor in which town you choose to live. Perhaps it might come into play if you are on the fence between two towns, and there is a striking difference in the tax rates. But even then, likely not. And on the same note, if you are selling your home, the tax rate is probably not one of the compelling reasons that you’re doing so. After all, you bought your house knowing the town’s tax rate. That being said, if the tax rate increased alarmingly over the years, that’s a different story. But as you can see, the increases and decreases don’t change much from year to year. The average change this year from last was just a slight decrease of $0.06.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Did the tax rate of your town influence your decision when you were buying or selling your home? Did it play a role at all? I can’t wait to hear….

For more information on this or about the real estate market in Weston, Wellesley, Wayland and the surrounding towns or if you are considering selling your home, please contact me, Lisa Curlett (, 781-267-2844 or, to answer any questions or for a complimentary home appraisal.


Weston Boosters Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary!


It’s an exciting year for the Weston Boosters as 2018 marks its 75th anniversary!  As the 75th anniversary is traditionally designated as a “diamond” year, the Boosters is bringing the bling to its annual fall fundraiser, “The Denim and Diamonds Bash,” which will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 7-11 p.m. at the Weston Recreation Center in Weston, MA. It promises to be an evening filled with sparkle, dazzle and lots of fun for all! But before getting into the details of the Bash, here are a few historic and impressive facts about the non-profit, all-volunteer organization that you might not know. 

 Founded in 1943, the Weston Boosters originally began as a group of parents and students who wrote letters to the 500+ boys, 9 girls and three Weston teachers serving in World War II.  These letters provided town news and reports of high school sports and gave an indescribable “boost” to those serving in the war. Weston parents and students met weekly to send out these letters, and when the war was over, the “Boosters” held a celebration to honor the Weston veterans upon their return. Ever since then, the Boosters has been fostering positive community involvement and generating awareness, enthusiasm and financial support for Weston’s athletic facilities and student athlete programs. 

Through its annual fall fundraising event, spring outreach campaign and apparel sales, the Boosters has consistently been able to generate funding for equipment, coaching aids, uniforms, supplies, transportation and other items for Weston High School and Middle School sports - a total of 24 programs in all.  The cost of these items go beyond what can be covered by the usual school budget process, but their presence makes a decided difference in the district’s ability to offer top athletic programs to its students.  

In 2016 and 2017, the Boosters raised approximately $65,000. With that amount of fundraising, the non-profit organization was able to double its funding for college scholarships last year plus fund field wraps for Field 1 and Proctor Field, purchase a new electronic scoreboard for Field 1 and new scoreboard tables for basketball and volleyball, help cover funding for the ski team, sport-specific clinics and equipment - to name just a few of the contributions.

And this brings us back to the “Denim and Diamonds Bash” Fall Fundraiser. The Bash is a special celebration - not only because it marks the Booster’s 75th Diamond Anniversary, but also because it offers incredibly exciting auction items and opportunities that will allow the non-profit to continue to significantly support the Weston schools’ athletic programs. In addition, AM DePrisco Jewelers in Wellesley, MA has very generously donated a Diamonds by the Yard necklace for an opportunity draw to raise funds. The necklace is an 18 karat, white gold necklace with 1.00 carat total weight of round brilliant cut diamonds. Valued at $2,450, the necklace will be drawn out of a pool of only one hundred opportunity draws!

There will also be a chance to bid on and potentially win some fantastic live auction items, including: 

         * a Nantucket weekend getaway for 2 with hotel as well as golfing and fishing excursions

         * a Celtics package with 4 tickets and 6 hours of limo service 

         * a custom-framed and signed Rob Gronkowski Patriots jersey

         * 2 sets of 4 front-row seats and parking for the 2019 Weston High School Graduation Ceremony

         * a 5-course Italian gourmet dinner plus wine for 10 at the home of a well-known Weston Restaurant Developer

There will also be two other opportunity draw packages – a Yeti cooler for him and a Lululemon bag for her – complete with spa-service and exercise pack gift cards, grilling tools and sauces, power beats earphones, Boston Cannon tickets, a night at The Mandarin Hotel and SO much more. 

The evening promises to deliver yummy food, songs, dancing galore and fabulous entertainment. Delight in farm to fork dinner options freshly and creatively prepared with seasonal ingredients by Weston Resident David Goldstone and his company Wildfire Catering. Dance to the high-energy club music of Siagel Productions – DJ Darren will be spinning. And of course, the bling of the auction items won’t disappoint.

Tickets to the Denim and Diamonds Bash are $100 per person and are available online – Last year, this event sold out so purchase your tickets ASAP and partake in a fabulous, sparkling and awesome evening. For more information or to donate to the Boosters, go online - or email the organization –

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