The Top 5 Tell Tale Signs That You Are a Home Seller


Two years ago, I posted The Top 5 Tell Tale Signs that You are a Home Buyer, and though at the time, I had every intention to write about the same topic from a home seller perspective, life and all of its distractions got in the way. So now let’s do it  – The Top 5 Tell Tale Signs that You are a Home Seller…thanks in large part to the feedback and experiences that my seller clients have shared with me over the years:

  1. Obsessing over the Competition – You check your real estate app – whether it’s or others – at least five times a day to see how the market and the  competitive listings in your price range are doing. And you do this much before checking breaking news, the weather forecasts, your daily calendar and the kids activity schedule. Not only this but your weekend is now organized around which competitive public open houses you have to visit instead of your kids sports schedules and your commitments to friends and family.

  2. It’s Your Realtor® Calling – You take a call from your Realtor® before those from your spouse, children, doctor and anyone else for that matter. This is especially true after showings, open houses and of course the nerve-wracking inspection.

  3. Organizing Galore – You spend all of your free time purging and organizing, making trips to The Container Store, watching HGTV and every home staging show you can find on television and non-stop cleaning. On the latter subject, you’ve now scheduled your house cleaner to come multiple times during the week instead of just once.

  4. Plagued by Nightmares – You have nightmares about the basement flooding, the air conditioning going on the blink on the hottest day of the year, the dog getting sick all over your white bedroom carpet and the kids smearing paint all over the play room walls. And of course in the bad dreams, all of these things happen just minutes before a buyer is coming to see the house for a second time…. Ugh!

  5. Indulging in Home Selling Chit Chat – You can’t go five minutes into a conversation without mentioning that your house is on the market. After all, your friends could know friends who know more friends who know even more friends – one of whom could buy your house. Spreading the word never hurts, right?

One thing that struck me in writing this post is the similarities between the top 5 Tell Tale Signs for home sellers and for home buyers. First and foremost, as the home buying process can be intense, time-consuming and stressful so is the home selling process – actually even more so. Second, the obsessive behavior, fascination and preoccupation with everything real estate is the same for both home sellers and buyers. And finally while both processes are all-consuming, they can be over quickly thus allowing you to embark on a new, exciting chapter in your life…. At least that’s the goal!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Have you ever been plagued by these things when selling your home? Were there other tell tale signs that you experienced as a home seller? I can’t wait to hear….

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