The Top 5 Signs That Your House Will Sell Quickly


The Top 5 Signs that Your House Will Sell Quickly – I know just the title and thought alone will make you smile and put a kick in your step, maybe even make your heart go pitter and patter. The idea of your home selling quickly is a beautiful, glorious concept. So let’s get right to it! Here are the Top 5 Signs that Your House Will Sell Quickly:

  1. The first broker’s open house will be a buzz with a multitude of agents and their buyer clients coming to see the property as soon as they possibly can. In Weston, Wellesley and Wayland, agents often don’t show their listings until the first broker’s open house, during which buyers are welcome to attend. If your house is going to sell quickly, there will be a palpable and formidable energy. I’ve experienced it first-hand countless times. And I know it sounds a little ethereal, but your agent will know and inform you of this fabulously positive sign.

  2. As soon as the house goes on the market, other agents will start asking your agent about the specifics of the offer deadline – if any. So you and your agent will quickly need to come up with a plan for how you are going to handle offers. I must admit, however, there’s a slight caveat to this. Every once in a while, this agent behavior can also happen if the house doesn’t end up selling quickly. Agents tend to want to have all of the details about how offers are being handled ASAP so they can convey this critical information to their clients.

  3. Your agent will have so many showings the first two days that your house is on the market that s/he will be setting up camp at your house.In other words, your agent will be at your house more than you and your family will be in the first few days of the listing period. Though this is nothing but good news, I know it can be a bit complicated logistically. View it as a great opportunity to take the kids out for lunch and dinner or to visit and catch up with a few of your friends at their houses.

  4. You will have multiple second or third showings within the first several days of your home going on the market. This is another great sign. And you want potential buyers to take at least two looks at your house before they put in an offer. During the second and third showings, they see some of the downfalls of the house – which all homes have – and this will make their interest and offer more solid. Sometimes when buyers jump in quickly, they jump out quickly as well. So you want the buyers to have processed how the pros and cons of your house affect them, what they’re looking for and the way that they live.

  5. You may have requests from some buyer’s agents about pre-home inspections. These are inspections before the offers are due. This can only really happen if the offer deadline is several days after the home has been listed. If you and your agent have decided to take offers “as they come,” there’s not enough time for this. But if offers are due five days after your home goes live on MLS, for example, some buyers may ask to inspect your home prior to putting in their offer. This will make their offers stronger than the others as they won’t include an inspection contingency plus they will have an understanding of the work/issues that might need to be addressed. In other words, their eyes will be wide open about the potential defects of the property. The inspection is the biggest reason why offers fall through so taking this contingency out of the offer – even if it impacts the price slightly – will give you incredible peace of mind about the sale going through.

Food for thought and something to tuck away in the back of your mind until you’re ready to list your home…. As you’ve probably noticed above, the signs don’t come into play until your home is officially live on MLS and the market gets a chance to react. This further reinforces what we like to say at Compass, “You as the seller determine the listing price for your house, but the market (a.k.a. buyers) determines the selling price for your house.” No truer words!

What are your thoughts? Have you recently been a home seller and experienced some of these signs? Or did you experience some of these and others as well? I can’t wait to hear…..

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