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Wayland Real Estate Information

The population of Wayland totals 14,567 (as of January 2016), and the town was incorporated in 1780. The Wayland Free Public Library “was founded in 1848 as arguably the first free public library in Massachusetts. Some people have claimed that it is the second free public library established in the United States.” The new town center, which opened in 2012, features everything from a gym and grocery store to a collection of shops and dining establishments.

Here are some brief real estate-related facts about the Wayland community:

  • Properties are serviced by private sewerage systems, and almost all have town water.

  • The 2019 tax rate is $18.28 per $1,000 of property valuation.

  • There are three elementary schools – Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow and Loker Schools – for grades K – 5. And there is one middle school and one high school.

  • Wayland is a town in Middlesex County.

Wayland, MA Community Services and Organizations

Here are some links to provide you with additional information on Wayland and its many community services and organizations: