Weston MA Homes Sold September 2018


There was a total shift in September 2018 – one that we haven’t seen all year. We were down – and fairly significantly down – on all counts this September vs. last September. Here are the details:

  • Number of Sold Properties –  8 in September 2018 vs. 19 in September 2017

  • Total Market Volume – $15,100,000 in September 2018 vs. $45,737,500 in September 2017

  • Median Price – $1,149,500 in September 2018 vs. $1,670,000 in September 2017

  • Average Sale Price – $1,887,500 in September 2018 vs. $2,407,237 in September 2017

In terms of year-to-date sales (through September 30), despite the lackluster sales figures in September 2018, half of our metrics were still up this year from last. Specifically, number of sold properties and total market volume were down, but median and average sale prices were up. This is a first for us this year. In August, just the number of properties sold was down. But prior to that – from January through July – all of the metrics were up this year from last. Hmmm…. 🤔  It’s also not a surprise that the percentage differentials are continuing to fall as this has been the trend for most of the year. Here are the specifics:

  • Number of Sold Properties – 127 in 2018 vs. 148 in 2017 – down 14% this year (it was down 8% in last month’s report)

  • Total Market Volume – $239,226,966 in 2018 vs. $252,782,242 in 2017 – down 5% this year (it was up 8% in last month’s report)

  • Median Price – $1,570,000 in 2018 vs. $1,395,000 in 2017 – up 11% this year (it was up 13% in last month’s report)

  • Average Sale Price – $1,883,677 in 2018 vs. $1,604,998 in 2017 – up 10% this year (it was up 17% in last month’s report)

There weren’t any land sales in September 2018.

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* These market figures are based on information provided to and compiled by Pinergy/MLS Property Information Network, Inc., and do not include sales information on non-MLS transactions.