Weston MA Homes Sold January 2019


Here are the Weston MA Homes Sold in January 2019. By most standards, the January 2019 sold numbers would be considered strong BUT not when compared to those of January 2018! Last year, six of the 14 properties (43%) that sold in January were above $3 million. In fact two of those six sold at or above $5M (one at $5M and the other at $7.5M). The bottom line is that those results are hard to beat. Here are the details:

  • Number of Sold Properties – 8 in January 2019 vs. 14 in January 2018 - down 43% this year from last

  • Total Market Volume – $17,397,300 in January 2019 vs. $38,724,000 in January 2018 - down 55% this year from last

  • Median Price – $2,505,000 in January 2019 vs. $1,787,500 in January 2018 - up 40% this year from last

  • Average Sale Price – $2,174,663 in January 2019 vs. $2,766,000 in January 2018 - down 21% this year from last

There was one land sale in January 2019 – 47 Ash Street consisting of 4.5 acres for $1,900,000.

As I always say at this time of the year, this is the only time when our monthly sold information is the exact same as our year-to-date sold information (as of January 31). So this report will be shorter and sweeter than most of the others. On that note, though we’re a month into 2019, I want to wish you the best for the New Year. Here’s to peace, love, fun, good health, prosperity - and a strong real estate market too!

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