Today’s Best-Selling, Dream Kitchen


A client recently asked me what makes for the perfect kitchen today*, and it got me to thinking…and writing. First, the kitchen needs certain elements to maximize re-sale value, hence the “best-selling” element. Second, it needs several features to make it a “dream” kitchen for any homeowner. (And not necessarily in that order as I would personally prioritize my “dream” elements over “best-selling” ones.) From my experience in our neck of the woods (Weston, Wellesley, Wayland, MA and surrounding towns), here are some of the must-haves for today’s best-selling, dream kitchen:

  • White cabinetry – The choice du jour is for white cabinetry giving a light, clean and airy look. There is talk, however, that wood will be coming back one day – and perhaps not too far in the distant future.

  • Light countertops – Similar to the cabinetry, today’s preference is for light countertops and many are using quartz though some still use granite and occasionally marble though the care and maintenance of marble can be a bit of a hassle.

  • Glass backsplash – This is another frequently-used choice for kitchens these days, which makes for a fabulous finishing touch.

  • Stainless appliances – These add to the kitchen’s sleek look, and the higher-end you go, the better (i.e. sub-zero, wolf or viking, etc.).

  • Two ovens (at the least) – If you fancy yourself a chef, you’ll definitely need two ovens. For those who aren’t as cooking inclined but are entertaining wizards, two ovens are essential for all of the holiday celebrations and parties.

  • Sleek hardware and lighting fixtures – Today’s design trend is a transitional, almost contemporary look, one that is minimalist and sleek with clean lines. And for the hardware especially, think satin or brushed nickel and chrome but stay away from brass as it’s considered very passé.

  • Eat-in area – The perfect kitchen has a separate, generously-sized eat-in area where the family can convene and eat together in a less formal space.

  • Island – This is another essential feature of a dream kitchen. And of late, you often see the island’s cabinetry in a darker though complementary color to rest of the kitchen. The island serves as another informal seating area plus it often houses an extra sink or cooktop as well as additional storage.

  • Pantry – No matter if you use the kitchen non-stop or barely ever use it, everyone – and I mean everyone – wants a pantry that’s perfect for Coscto items, large pots and pans, blenders, mixers and more.


As you can see from above, the trend for today’s kitchen has a look that is sleek and light with clean lines and is combined with features emphasizing functionality and practicality. This list, of course, is not exhaustive nor are all of the elements mandatory by any stretch, but it’s a good guide to help you when formulating your own plan for today’s best-selling, dream kitchen. What are your thoughts? Have you recently designed and/or renovated your kitchen? Did you incorporate some of these features and items? Or were there others that were important to you? I can’t wait to hear…..

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*Note that these features might change over time; they are written with today’s trends and choices in mind.